My name is Sebastián Baptista (AKA Sebas). I'm creative director focused on motion design, animation and mixed media content.
I've been around since almost 15  years ago, first as a video editor in Uruguay (my born country), then as a motion designer in Barcelona, later as a partner and co-director of Sebas and Clim in London and finally as a director in Barcelona.
You are welcome to contact me if you are a company, agency, freelance or student. Be my guest ;)
UK Representation: NOMINT
Marilena Vatseri: marilena@nomint.com

+44 20 8004 6604
US Representation: NOMINT
Nancy Jacobs: nancy@nancy-jacobs.com
+1 212 875 1024
SPAIN Representation: Petra Garmon
Laurent Traille:
+34 934 179 378