Hamburger Hummus
Hamburger Hummus it’s a website to promote tourism in Israel to Americans citizens. Lobulo and I were in charge of making the background for it, but not any kind of background, a video looping background made entirely in paper were everything needed to be perfectly though beforehand.
Here you can take a look of the final project made by Tool of North America:
Ben Arditti (Reach) brought this job to Lobulo and after he heard the word “in movement” he called me to get in to make it together. We were lucky to have amazing professional friends who made a great team.
Agency: SS+K
Direct Client: Tool of North America
Representation: Reach (Ben Arditti)
Directors: Lobulo & Sebastián Baptista
Producer: Belén Palos
DOP: Alex Sans
Mechanical Systems: Hamill Industries
Postproduction: Florent Bastide
Extra help: Guille Torres