Directed and created by Sebastián Baptista
Illustration & Design: Elda Broglio

Modeling & Rigging: Morphika
Texture Patterns: Caro Carballo
Render, shading and magic: Andy Reisinger

"My favorite music memory" series
Creative Direction: Alex Julià
Original idea: Joan Pons

Thanks to: Andy “The guru”, Pol & Device, Eze Pini, Fabian, Aimar and Paola.
Janus & Kiasmos, Erased Tapes Records, Kobalt Music Group
The story of musician Janus Rasmussen, one half of Kiasmos.

Third chapter of "My favorite music memory" series created by Igloo Films and Primavera Sound.

It was a huge pleasure to translate Janus's story into images. I wanted to experiment, to bring the spectator into Janus's shoes and to homage the nordic spirit.

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