a short film by Six N. Five
Idea and Direction:  Ezequiel Pini & Sebastian Baptista

Art Direction: Ezequiel Pini, Joan García Pons
Visual storytelling: Sebastián Baptista

3D Design: Joan García Pons, Ezequiel Pini, Joan Guasch, Secondary Bounce, Simon Kaëmpfer.

Animation & VFX: Nil Estany, João Lucas, Sebastián Baptista & Valery Polehenky

Production, arrangement, sound design & mix: John Black
Music Composition: Georgia -Justin Tripp & Brian Close-

Editing: Lluís Murúa
VR Experience: Secondary Bounce - Mauro Muñoz & Miguel Segovia

Selected furniture & objects: Six N. Five Objects - Artur de Menezes & Ezequiel Pini 
Press copy by Pedro Merlo
Thanks to Flor Clerico, Dai Ventrice, Paola Zanni and the team.
Ordinary, everyday objects are the ones who rebel in a high-class house. Hidden, invisible, concealed, they disrupt the harmony of the calculated interior design. A true class revolution takes place, where the underdogs rise up against a so-called perfection.

The most artistic, challenging and ambitious project of my entire carreer. 


It's also the lastest project I did at Six N. Five as FILMS director. It was a huge pleasure to work with such an amazing team. The love and admiration remains, my path will continue towards a different direction :)

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