I edited weddings in my 19yrs,I worked in many studio, I co-founded a studio,I have an online course,I created and hosted and event, etc...

Buildings & Vampires
This is a petit tribute from a group of friends to the film ´Were the wild things are.
Valentine's Day Off
No Fun Intended
Kemistry gallery hosted Ryan Todd’s first solo show, No Fun Intended. Through the rearrangement of objects, subjects and ideas that make up everyday life, the exhibition presented a series of bold, colourful works which are inherently witty and full of humour. This was the promo video for his exhibition.
Iron Mountain
After seeing how the brand communicates through all its corporative elements we couldn’t resist proposing them to collaborate with our friend and respected paper craft artist Lobulo who has been the one in charge of recreating all the elements designed by us. The colours, the materials, the rhythm of the editing, the sound effects and an accurate postproduction process made this video being simple, unexpected, clean, straight to the point, friendly and contemporary.
Radisson Blu - Paper City
Sebastian and Lobulo team joined forces again to create a new city. This time more complex, bigger and with unique design for each building. We worked side by side with DigitasLBI Scandinavian on this project for Radisson Blu. The city and the camera movements where the main character of a site where you can play discovering the 5 different cities who conform a huge main city. Client: Radisson Blu Agency:DigitasLBI Creative Director: Nicolas Verhelpen Producer: Maria Simonsen Directors: Lobulo & Sebastián Baptista Art Director: Lobulo Design Technical Director: Sebastián Baptista Producer: Laia Zanon Designer and assistant: Fabian Friedrich DOP: Alex Sans Assistant on set: Guillermo Torres Set electrician: Xavier Oms
Hamburger Hummus
Hamburger Hummus it’s a website to promote tourism in Israel to Americans citizens. Lobulo and I were in charge of making the background for it, but not any kind of background, a video looping background made entirely in paper were everything needed to be perfectly though beforehand. Here you can take a look of the final project made by Tool of North America: hamburgerhummus.com Ben Arditti (Reach) brought this job to Lobulo and after he heard the word “in movement” he called me to get in to make it together. We were lucky to have amazing professional friends who made a great team.
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