A video by Six N. Five Films for Tooy Lamp
Client: Notoostudio

Art Direction: Ezequiel Pini, Joan Garcia Pons, Valery Polehenky.
Visual storytelling: Sebastian Baptista.

Animation: Sebastian Baptista, Valery Polehenky.
VFX: Valery Polehenky.

Sound Design: Yuta Endo
Our visual interpretation of the Gordon Lamp created by Tooy. We had the goal to create a 15 seconds video,  showing in an artistic way the different shapes and features of this iconic lamp.

A new formal and material interpretation of the conical diffuser is the main feature of GORDON lamps. The essential and refined aspect with a strong character that is conferred by the shape of the brass casting; these practical and versatile lamps are suitable to be used in different environments, from the domestic to the working one as in the commercial spaces and ‘hospitality’.

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